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A boat trip around the island is the most fascinating and comfortable way to admire the spectacular coastline of Levanzo and to blend in its untouched nature.

Stay away from chaos and feel unforgettable sensations of peacefulness.

This map shows some of the possible tour stops.
Cala Dogana

The boat trip starts in the small harbour of Levanzo (Cala Dogana) and lasts nearly two hours. After a few minutes, the first stop is the Faraglione rock, just in front of a stony beach with crystal clear water: an excellent spot for children whithin walking distance.
The Faraglione rock ...

At this point we enter the B Zone of the marine protected area. A swim into the Buco sea cave, sourrounded by the magical colours of the sunlight shining through the rocks, is a breathtaking experience.
... The Buco sea cave ...

Next stop is Cala Genovese, where, with good weather conditions, it is possible to visit the world famous Grotta del Genovese Cave . During a 20 minute visit a guide will show you around prehistorical cave paintings and graffitoes .
... Cala Genovese and the Cave Paintings ...

The boat trip continues towards Punta Sorci and Cala Tramontana. Here you can't help but dive into the marvellous waters.
... Cala Tramontana ...

Capo Grosso is the northest point of Levanzo: there is a lighthouse and white cliffs over intense blue waters. That is exactly where in 241 b.C. soldiers from ancient Rome and Carthage fought an epic naval combat leaving traces that can be found on the seaground. Capo Grosso is where the B zone of the marine protected area ends and the C zone begins.
... Capo Grosso ...

Saling along the Aranci coast the boat reaches Cala Calcara and Cala Nucidda, two nice quiet inlets perfect for those who seek silent and intimate spots.
... Cala Calcara ...

Just a few minutes away there is Cala Minnola, where most people love to spend their time either sunbathing or resting in a pine forest which is located just a few meters from the sea. Who wants to spend the rest of the day in Cala Minnola can walk back to the harbour or arrange an appointment to continue the boat trip.
... Cala Minnola ...

Cala Fredda is the last bay before going back to the harbour where our tuor ends.
... Cala Fredda ...
foto: marco petralia © tutti i diritti riservati
This 8 mt (26 ft.) long boat offers great comfort and fits max. 14 persons.

There is plenty of space for sunbathing as well as an awning to enjoy shade. Onboard security is guranteed by perfect stability of the boat as well as all mandatory emergency equipment.
... la barca ...
From 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. we are happy to take you to your favourite beaches of Levanzo and bring you back to the harbour. ... luoghi più suggestivi dell’isola ...
For those who would like to spend a day discovering Favignana, we can organize a complete tour of the island starting from Levanzo. The boattrip starts at 9,30 A.M. and includes a short visit of the township of Favignana, a tour of the island on our boat and a traditional on board meal. The tour ends in Levanzo in the late afternoon. A group of at least 8 persons is required for a Day-trip to Favignana ... i colori di favignana ...
For those who wish to spend an evening in Favignana we offer a direct connection from Levanzo and viceversa also when the ferry service is not operating. ... Lavanzo di sera ...

Day-trippers and people who are spending their holidays in Levanzo can rent one of our boats for one or more days. All our boats are allowed to enter the marine protected area and no licence is required to drive them. A whole day on one of our boats gives you the opportunity to freely discover every inch of Levanzo. ... comode barchette o gommoni ...
Price/ Season
High Low
- Motorboat: 6.50 meters (19 ft.) with a 40 hp outboat engine, awning, sundeck, ladder, console, max. 6 persons. 120 € 100 €
- Launch: 5 meters (16 ft.) with a 25 hp outboard engine, awning, sundeck, ladder, console, max. 5 persons 80 € 70 €
- Launch: 5 meters (16 ft.) with a 20 hp outboard engine, awning, sundeck, ladder, max. 5 persons 70 € 60 €
- Launch: 4.50 meters (13 ft.) with a 10 hp outboard engine, awning, sundeck, ladder, max. 4 persons 60 € 50 €
 - High season: from July 15th until August 31st.
 - Indicated prices refer to a one day rental
 - A 10 % discount will apply if you rent a boat for more than 3 consecutive days.

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